Conversations for a brighter future

9 million people lost friends during the 2016 election — a situation which Americans should not have to tolerate. Join Crossing the Divide to define the future of politics and engage in the conversation that America desperately needs.

The Problem

The tribal setting of American politics

Political polarization is at an all-time high, and the division has only grown over recent years. More and more people are stuck in echo-chambers, making both sides less informed and consequently further removed from differing ideas — everyone is worse off as a result.


Americans lost a friend during the 2016 election due to political disagreements


Of Republicans and 27% of Democrats saw the other side as a threat in 2014


Of Americans prefer to live with those who share their political beliefs


Of Americans don’t agree with the opposing side on a single political issue
Our Mission

Promoting political discourse

We aim to create a place where one can exchange and sharpen their ideas while overcoming the existing barrier that pervades political discussion today. We hope to establish an open environment in schools across America, where students are encouraged to explore a variety of ideas.

Our Method

Our goals sound lofty, but we have a proven method to make them a reality. We hope to fix America’s issue of polarization by:

  1. Contacting a potential
    branch leader
  2. Officially
    starting a branch
    at their school
  3. Enabling meetings with help from our materials
Our Value

A vast toolbox for a productive conversation

We provide a variety of topic briefs on the most pressing issues, allowing you to create an intellectual conversation with the confidence that anyone, regardless of how informed, can understand an issue by reading for less than 2 minutes.


Unique topic briefs


Discussion questions
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Our Success

The extreme growth we've undergone

It's hard to believe that Crossing the Divide was just a couple of friends who wanted to talk about politics, and in one year alone we have become a national organization with over 20 schools and 500 members.

200+conversationschapters20+12 statesmembers500+
Join Us

Define the future of political discourse

There are many ways to support CTD and help us reach our goals: starting a branch at your school, joining your school's branch, donating, and following us on social media. Improve America and stake your claim on a new era of discussion. Build the platform and become the voice of the future.