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Dear School Name,

In recent years the country has become increasingly polarized politically, where both Democrats and Republicans have become more and more entrenched along ideological lines. As a result of this partisan antipathy, we have observed a near breakdown of public discourse, which is bound to have disastrous consequences on our everyday lives. That's why I am proud to introduce Crossing The Divide to you. Every 2 weeks we will hold a meeting allowing for open dialogue about a pressing political topic of your choice.

Our future meetings will discuss topics individually, but for our first meeting, we will cover six different topics: abortion, affirmative action, climate change, healthcare, gun control, and the economy. We will run through these topics fairly quickly, only spending 15-20 minutes on each one, to see everyone’s stances on these issues and allow for some meaningful conversation. We invite you to join us in this meeting this day and date of meeting. To learn more about this club or join it directly, just reach out to your name by sending an email to your email address.

Thanks for your attention,

Your Name


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