First Meeting 6-in-1

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This is the first meeting we will be having, and it will serve as a benchmark for future endeavors. During this first meeting, club members can give their hot takes on pressing political issues and discuss the many important considerations each of these issues brings to the table. This will give everyone an understanding of your chapter's political climate and expose students to various perspectives.

TL;DR: This first meeting will give everyone a general idea of how the club will work.

Discussion Questions


  • Should abortion be legal?
    • If it should, under what conditions?
  • Should the government pay for abortion?

Affirmative Action

  • What factors should be considered in the college admission process?
    • Race? Gender? Economic status? Only academic merit?
  • Is Affirmative action fair towards the individuals involved?

Climate Change

  • Is climate change an essential threat to the country?
    • If it is necessary, is it the responsibility of the government to address the issue?


  • Should the wealthy be taxed at a higher rate?
    • Is redistribution morally justifiable? How so?

Gun Control

  • Is owning a firearm part of the "liberty" described by the Declaration of Independence?
  • Is the second amendment valuable? - should we keep it?
    • What, if any, restrictions should be imposed on firearms?


  • Is healthcare a human right or a commodity?
    • Should the government subsidize healthcare?
    • Should the united states adopt a universal healthcare policy?

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