Crossing the Divide

Crossing The Divide is a national organization spanning many states that aims to combat political polarization in America by inviting high-school students from anywhere in the political spectrum to have discussions on a variety of controversial issues.

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Who we Are

Political polarization is at an all-time high, and the division has only grown over recent years. We wish to lower this troubling trend by providing a place where one can discuss their ideas with others in an open manner. Rather than just acknowledging the problem, at CTD we aim to solve this issue by exposing America's high school students to different perspectives, reaching common ground, and overcoming the divide.

What we Do

We often only hear what we agree with and end up in an echo chamber where different perspectives are difficult to come across. At CTD, we create a place where we allow high-schoolers to hear other perspectives as well as voicing their own in our mission of overcoming the divide. Our branch leaders moderate open discussions every other week at their school covering a range of political topics. Individuals then have an open diplomatic discussion on the topic.

Our Goal

At CTD we believe that in order to truly fight political polarization we have to go to the root of the problem. Our high-schoolers are the next generation from the next line of voters to the next line of politicians, exposing them to conversations with people from different sides, conversations that many make a continuous effort to avoid.